January 8th, 2012: Mitch Van Dusen


Mitch Van Dusen is a multi-disciplinary improvisational musician and composer that likes to get lost.  Predominantly an improvisational pianist, he is a strong proponent of fusing qigong, multiple personalities, visual art, political fervor, flavored trances, Paulo Freire and jiu jitsu in music. He is driven by the belief that one day we will collectively find the sound that shatters glass and makes children smile in one fell swoop.  He is in pursuit of discovering and translating the ecstatic through music in this modern age.

From years of experience driving it home, Mitch’s focus often lies in the exploration, expansion, and promotion of the effortless improvisational trance, in which sound can often result.  He is a devout believer that the more we explore that improvisational trance individually and collectively, the closer we come to flavors of truth and freedom.  He is a devout believer that every person alive has the instantaneous capacity and the given right to access the same improvisational realm that certain performers can peruse at will.  He is also a devout believer that the creation of sound might be a legitimate form of magic.


We are devout believers that you will dig this presentation statement:

A project that’s resulted is a workshop/installation series called Becoming The Sound.  Becoming The Sound currently uses common trash, like plastic bags, as instruments specifically designed to induce immersive improvisational situations that performers and non-performers alike can explore and grow roots inside.  It explores improvisation as a ritual, as a functional tool, as an exfoliator and extrapolater, as a psycho-spiritual space, as a wisened mentor, and as the archetypal destroyer.  Yet many instances of Becoming The Sound involve very little verbal communication.


Join Mitch in his latest project: a righteous vision to provide children of the Bed-Stuy community with instruments to enrich their musical minds:

GIVE KIDS YOUR INSTRUMENTS because they will play them