December 4th, 2011: Varispeed


“This is heaven?” – No, not yet, this is just the bar from Cory Bracken on Vimeo.

Varispeed is a newly formed collective of composer-performers from music and theatre groups Panoply Performance Laboratory, ensemble thingNY, and Why Lie? that creates site-specific, sometimes-participatory, oftentimes-durational, forevermore-experimental events.  Founded by Aliza Simons, Dave Ruder, Paul Pinto, Brian McCorkle, and Gelsey Bell, Varispeed came together in June 2011 to perform a twelve-hour celebration of Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives.  Future projects include, among other all-day musical events, John Cage’s Empty Words.


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Dig on these presentation details.  Varispeed: Getting Deep, like baby seals.

We’ll be breaking down not only what we performed on the 6th but some of the thinking behind (and resulting from) what we undertook.  This is not a lecture, nor is it a straight performance, this is, among other things, a great chance to interrogate us about what we’re up to and contribute your own thoughts on Perfect Lives Manhattan, performing contemporary opera, site-specific performance, endurance in performance, or whatever seems apropos.  Since it’s a forum, it depends on who shows up as much as what our presentation is.  We’re definitely going to address how we each approached arranging the material of Perfect Lives, what the material even is in the first place, and how we came to our own various reading/singing styles.