Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Charlie Looker will not present on Saturday, August 4.  Join us for Darius Jones, who will rock the foundations of every structure, and stay tuned for possible special guests!  Or maybe we’ll surprise you that evening!

And for our Looker fans, rest assured: Charlie will likely be presenting in the near future.

- CB


Performers Forum celebrates the closing of its inaugural year with Darius Jones and Charlie Looker

It has been an intense journey so far, and we couldn’t be happier to close out our very first year with two of the most iconic musical experimenters of this up-and-coming New York generation.  Join us at 8pm on Saturday, August 4 at Exapno in Brooklyn to engage these radical minds and celebrate a landmark in this forum’s history.

SILENT BARN PUBLIC MEETING #3 at Exapno :: Friday, June 22, 8pm


THE SILENT BARN, for those who know it, is a major cultural destination in the DIY arts community that was simultaneously robbed and evicted in the late-summer of 2011.  Along the way, it has become one of the most important institutions in this generation of New York artists.
After developing a robust digital community following their tragic eviction, they decided to host public meetings to meet and exchange ideas face to face.  These have quickly evolved to public commentaries about not only Barn-related affairs, but all things pertaining to young, adventurous DIY artists in New York.
The third Silent Barn Public Meeting will be hosted at Exapno next Friday, June 22, 8pm.  The topic: COLLECTIVES!!!
Running a volunteer charged collective has no set formula.
Everyone has a different array of techniques that work for that specific family.
On June 22, we are coming together at Exapno to converse about alternate ways to manage community-centric organizations from group leaders who’ve lead successful projects in the past. Come hear about the influential projects people are organizing in New York. Learn how to get involved.
Topics range from horizontalism to voting structures, what it means to be fueled by volunteers, and how to let your organization grow. 
In many ways, it’s like Parenting 101. 
When do you let go?


G. Lucas Crane (Silent Barn https://sites.google.com/site/paestheticsllc/)
Cory Bracken (Exapno http://exapno.org/)
Victoria Sobel (Occupy Wall Street – NYC General Assembly http://www.nycga.net/)
Maia Murphy (The Public School http://all.thepublicschool.org/)
Ian Colletti (Vaudeville Park http://www.vaudevillepark.org/)
TBA (The Trade School http://tradeschool.coop/newyork)

+++ food and drink!


Performers Forum presents SOME NEXT-LEVEL BUSINESS

Lets get this New York summer started off right with our next installment on June 9, 8pm featuring Ashcan Orchestra and Eli Keszler.  Visit the UPCOMING EVENTS page for all the details.

Oh yeah, and all of this is free.

Saturday, May 12th, 7pm: Performers Forum presents Little Worlds & Tom Swafford

Performers Forum welcomes a Bartok-gone-jazz trio and composer-add-busker for its 10th installment at Exapno in Brooklyn

Visit the UPCOMING EVENTS page for details!

Saturday, April 14th, 3pm: Performers Forum presents – LISA DOWLING & JASON ANASTASOFF!

Performers Forum proudly invites two NYC bassist extraordinaries to expound on their recent musical output:

Lisa Dowling will discuss her latest experiments with string harmonics, alternate tunings, and the overtone series, and perform original works for solo bass that utilize her discoveries.


Jason Anastasoff will share his vision for creating “abstract” music and improvisation, including his ongoing project Obscure Directions, and ask the audience about the compositional process.

[please note the time change!!! this event was originally scheduled for 7pm, but is now 3pm]

For more information, visit our UPCOMING EVENTS page.

Hope to see you there!
- Cory

New Music Bake Sale 2012!

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by our table at the New Music Bake Sale this weekend!

Performers Forum had a blast alongside Sweat Lodge and the Exapno New Music Community Center.  If you’re visiting for the first time, check out our “about” page for some info, look/listen to past events, and follow this link to join our mailing list for once-a-month email updates on our next event!

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Don’t miss our upcoming event on Saturday, April 14th, featuring Lisa Dowling and Jason Anastasoff!

March 3rd: Dave Scanlon & Lawton Hall, 7pm


We’re pumped.  You should be too.  Check the UPCOMING EVENTS page for all the juicy details.

Visit Lawton’s amazing and exciting blog post to engage in a pre-forum conversation that is sure to yield exciting discussion results.

Winter 2012

Here comes the dragon

Performers Forum was introduced to the music community of New York in August 2011, and has since enjoyed five incredible installments.  The objective is to provide an opportunity for creative musical minds to engage an audience in an environment that promotes a comfortable exchange of thoughts, ideas, anecdotes, and just about anything interesting.  What inspires you to create?  How do you define the success and failure of frontier electronic music improvisation?  What are you listening to these days?  How the hell did you make an instrument with hamsters?  These are just a few topics that have inspired the often funny, sometimes strange, always enlightening discourses of our forum events.


January 8th, 3pm
Mitch Van Dusen

February 4th, 3pm
Shayna Dulberger & Ches Smith

March 3rd, 7pm
Lawton Hall & Dave Scanlon

April 14th, TBD
Lisa Dowling & Jason Anastasoff