INTERVIEW with Darius Jones

On July 22, Forum advisor Amirtha Kidambi sat down with NYC alto saxophonist and composer Darius Jones at iBeam in Brooklyn to discuss his project Elizabeth-Caroline Unit. Jones is presenting at the Performers Forum one-year anniversary on August 4.

AK: What are the projects you’re currently working on as a leader?

DJ: Well, I’m primarily working on this project where I’m collaborating with Randall Wilcox, the graphic artist. We just finished a trilogy, which encompasses three albums and three sets of artwork. That’s Man’ish Boy (A Raw and Beautiful Thing), Big Gurl (Smell My Dream) and the final one that came out this year, Book of M?’bul (Another Kind of Sunrise). That’s pretty much all the projects I’m focusing on right now. Primarily, I’m focused on the quartet music like M?’bul and I’m writing for that…there’s more music coming for that and I’m developing the language for this project, Elizabeth-Caroline Unit.

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