Performers Forum Enters the Dragon

Here comes the dragon

Performers Forum was introduced to the music community of New York in August 2011, and has since enjoyed five incredible installments.  The objective is to provide an opportunity for creative musical minds to engage an audience in an environment that promotes a comfortable exchange of thoughts, ideas, anecdotes, and just about anything interesting.  What inspires you to create?  How do you define the success and failure of frontier electronic music improvisation?  What are you listening to these days?  How the hell did you make an instrument with hamsters?  These are just a few topics that have inspired the often funny, sometimes strange, always enlightening discourses of our forum events.


January 8th, 3pm
Mitch Van Dusen

February 4th, 3pm
Shayna Dulberger & Ches Smith

March 3rd, 7pm
Lawton Hall & Dave Scanlon

April 14th, TBD
Lisa Dowling & Jason Anastasoff